Tunnel, WT Series


Applicable places: gas stations, 4S garages, large and medium-sized car wash service centers, enterprises and institutions, etc

Wash Tunnel, WT Series

Wash Capacity: 40-60 cars/hour.
Hall Size: 4m width, length on request 9-17m.

Adopt world leading technology, modular design, workable in combination according to different needs.

Top branded electrical components ensure safety and reliability.

Real-time fault self-detection system.

Premium EVA brush makes better cleaning and eliminates damage to the cars.

Siemens touch screen with multi-language.

The operation system easily shows the daily wash numbers and the total wash numbers.

With the real-time fault shielding module, the fault part can be easily shielded, which reduces the loss of repair waiting.

Wash in the wrapping way, without any missing corners.

Fixed strong air drying system.

Hot dip galvanized treatment and power coating for the complete machine ensures corrosion resistance and durability.

Upgrades available for unmanned operation.

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