Wave Infrared Car Paint Curing Equipment


Unlike the middle-wave and long-wave infrared, the wavelength short-wave has a strong penetration, straight into the paint, then the temperature of the body shell will be rised quickly with heat effect, the moisture of the coating volatilize from inside to outside quickly. In the same chemical frequency,due to the syntony,of the paint, which increase the prossibility of the cross-linked,and accelerate the curing of the layer. Therefore, the paint surface is gloss and fullness, and the mirror more  clear, coating adhesion is strong, and not easy to produce "orange peel, tearing" phenomenon, avoid rework, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


l  Shortwave infrared lamp tube

l  Double light boxes (3 per group × 1000W)

l  With microcomputer control board,digital display timing and power setting

l  Pneumatic automatic lift,capable of rotating at 300 degrees, making it possible to dry any positions of small and medium-sized cars

l  Ultrasonic paint drying function

l  Temperature setting function

l  Distance measurement setting function

l  Power supply: 220-240V  50/60Hz

l  Drying area: 1800 × 1200mm

l  Power: 6 × 1000W